24/7 Security Services is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and contractors. The health and well-being of our clients and employees is a priority.

We have established a COVID-19 Task Team. The team monitors clinical information as it becomes available and implements the best possible procedures at our offices and sites.

24/7 Security has compiled and distributed a SOP in which we detail more security information on the coronavirus and the actions that our management and staff are taking to minimise the potential for contracting and spreading this virus.

Our primary focus in mitigating the risks associated with contracting and spreading the virus is aimed at ensuring compliance with stringent hygiene management by all our staff. The following have been put in place:

  • Awareness campaigns including posters, stickers etc. to support and encourage hygiene management
  • WhatsApp and SMS campaigns to raise awareness and share pertinent information
  • On-site hygiene training

Our objective is to ensure all staff who have direct contact with clients, visitors and other service providers have access to facilities at which they can wash their hands regularly. Where this is not possible, we are in a position to provide hand sanitisers.

Our Management Team reviews our Business Continuity Plans ongoingly, and these are updated as the threat changes.

For more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the South African government’s COVID-19 portal at


Emergency Numbers  

JHB011 444 2237
KZN031 140 1061
PTA012 451 8600

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